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Methodologies Used In Home Schooling
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Methodologies Used In Home Schooling

Date Added: October 08, 2008 01:30:13 AM
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Methodologies Used In Home Schooling

Author: Kris Koonar

The idea behind home schooling involves to handle a curriculum at home. When parents take a decision to home school their children, they bear the onus to help the child to cope with the syllabus recommended by officials for that particular grade or level. There are a number of methodologies adopted for home schooling. With each method, the variety of materials also differs.

In the case of educational philosophy, the focus is on a particular linear education like the Charlotte Mason pattern. While in the case of classical education, the focus is on the cream side of literature in any subject, its understanding and application. Then, there is the good old Montessori method that involves the learn-by-grade system. This is similar to the pattern observed in the traditional schools. These are just a few to mention, but with the adoption of anyone method comes along special requirements.

The best method is, without a doubt, the mixed eclectic. The home schooling parent can access a number of resources designed to address the different methodologies. There are specially designed curricula, books, public and private libraries, catalogs, retails, bookstores etc. The home schooling community is also able to receive dedicated help from television, video or radio. The connectivity of the Internet has made it possible for home schooling parents to interact within live forums and a rostrum that is world wide. There are correspondences, which are accessible and designed specifically for home schoolers.

The methodologies and the applications change due to the laws varying within government statutes of one region to another. All the methodologies of home schooling can be successfully imparted and learnt with the help of study strategies like the 'unit' method. The unit study method addresses art, social sciences, math and science and theology. The idea is establishing connectivity among the topics. The unit study methodology enables parents with more than one child to teach all the children effectively and simultaneously.

In the case of the all-in-one methodology, the subjects are taught in sets or comprehensive packages. Each package is designed to cover many subjects. The all-in-one methodology includes the supply of special books and material. This methodology is the best for the families, who live in remote areas and have no access to libraries or public schools. This method is widely adopted because the child is able to enjoy a smooth transition to a regular school or college later. The smooth transition comes from the similarity of subjects and the school like atmosphere generated at home.

The all-in-one methodology for home schooling your child is not cheap, but the system allows the application of easy to use material and minimal preparation. The all-in-one methodology comes with step-by-step instructions and regular testing, just like the traditional schools. Parents who are home schooling their children can also consider the approach that enables the student to progress at his or her speed.

The online home schooling option is also there. Regular, traditional institutes have now made homeschooling easier. They offer online assistance in the way of tests, games and practical-hands on exercises. There are a number of communities that also source information directly from places associated with the activity or subject like museums, athletic clubs and science preserves. Another popular methodology of home schooling a child is by taking help from the support group in the neighborhood.

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