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Yes We Can - Mumbai journo BNK floats Blog
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Yes We Can - Mumbai journo BNK floats Blog

Date Added: November 08, 2008 11:23:26 AM
Author: bn kumar
Category: Society

There is a lot that we can or to put it differently, there is nothing that we cannot do is the guiding principle for the Blog, says BNK as the journalist is known among frinds. With Yes We Can becoming synonymous with US President-elect Barrack Obama, obviously every one can do or perform little bit above one’s normal levels and in turn achieve a lot. Right from the days of the great Indian epic Mahabharat to the country’s freedom movement spearheaded by Mahatma Gandhi, the people in this part of the world have been experiencing the results of the “Yes we can” philosophy. While the epics have all demonstrated beyond doubt the victory of good over the evil when the battles were fought with determination – much like what Obama has told us: Yes We Can! Apart from achieving one’s personal goals, “Yes We Can” should inspire all of us to do something for the society around us and make our respective cities, towns and villages better places to live in. Just consider the following: 1. Can we do something to check the traffic jams in our areas? 2. Can we ask our elected representatives to check pot holes and not to waste money on redoing pavements when not necessary? 3. Can we make the authorities to encourage people’s movements/volunteers to enforce civic sense – smoking in public places, spitting on roads and in government buildings, vandalizing heritage properties like Qutub Minar in Delhi and Lucknow’s Bhool Bhulaiya. 4. Can we start saving power by raising the temperature levels of air conditioners by a degree? 5. Can we begin to use power saving electric bulbs? 6. Can we start saving on paper by not clicking for impulkse printing of our mails? 7. Can we start telling journalists in particular to rely much more on emails rather than waiting for faxes or printed press releases? 8. Can we not tell our children to save trees by recycling paper or using bioth the sides of the paper for writing their notes or homework? 9. Can we not tell our children to preserve their books well and donate them to poor children in the following year? 10. Can we not tell our families to close water taps after use and switch off the lights and TV sets when we do not use them. The apparent answer to all these questions is YES WE CAN!! BNK says there can thousands and thousands of instances where we can do a little more to achieve a lot? Can we not? Yes We Can. BNK plans to send thousands of mails to all his contacts to spread the Yes We Can movement.
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