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Date Added: November 17, 2008 02:09:45 PM
Author: Sowmya
Category: Society

"Hinduism knows no Conversion"...This is what we have learnt while we were at High School...All our Kings have shown religious tolerance in their respective kingdoms in India since time immemorial. You will not find even a single instance of any Hindu attempting conversion of people of other religion into Hinduism. Is this such goodness of Hinduism attracting people of other religion to exploit Hinduism?...Ofcourse Hindus are not blindfolded to see such conversions happening around them and you are watching the result in the form of attacks on Churches in various parts of Karnataka. Christians are demanding ban on Bajrang Dal and other such Hindu Organizations which are suspectingly behind such attacks. If they are pure at heart for the sincere development of Human Kind as what they claim, why cant they ban their own Organizations or People behind such conversions. Why do they think that Hindus are worshipping false gods. Why don't they think, infact they are worshipping wrong God? Why do they think that only Christianity is the religion which can give prosperous life to the Mankind. "Live and Let Live" should be the policy of all Human Beings. Religion should not be the cause of bloodbath. On the whole, growth of Human Kind should be the goal of all the religions and people should be allowed to follow any religion of their choice. Let the Govt take stringent action on such eccentrics who go against this principle.
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