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Premier Singles - launches local dating service in Oklahoma
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Premier Singles - launches local dating service in Oklahoma

Date Added: December 01, 2008 09:06:02 PM
Author: jason breakey
Category: Society

Press Release Author - Jason Breakey and Barrett Stone TulsaSingles ’07 success exceeds expectations With the New Year just around the corner, Barrett Stone, the president of operations for, takes a deep breath and smiles. The personnel Stone has put together for the matchmaking service he oversees in Oklahoma City, has done some remarkable things this past year. Next year looks to be even more promising. “Without a doubt,” said the charismatic leader, “the people in this office went above and beyond the call of duty, in their efforts to improve the social lives of our members. I’m extremely proud of the jobs our girls have done to help our members meet that special someone that connects with them on an emotional, mental and physical level.” As Stone sees it, the individuals who have joined TulsaSingles from Oklahoma City and surrounding areas, have put an enormous amount of trust and faith into the dating service hoping they’ll make the ultimate connection. After all, that’s why they joined in the first place. “The one thing that really separates us from everyone else,” pointed out Stone, “is the fact we really do care about the people who join. We look at each potential client that comes through that door and ask ourselves, “Does this person have a genuine chance to succeed with us?” We won’t take anyone’s money if we don’t believe that we can really increase their odds of truly meeting someone they’ll be happy and compatible with.” The Oklahoma City office is located at 7181 S. Braden Ave. Stacy Saunders runs member relations for TulsaSingles along with Paige Hawthorne. Emily Frederick is Director of Sales. Laci Ray is the senior marketing rep working alongside Nikki Moore. “Joining a dating service is a very emotional decision for people,” noted Stone. “First off, it’s not a step of last resort like some people make it out to be. It’s a forum to meet people and hopefully find that right individual that connects with you deep inside. “Our dating service is here to help you improve your social life, not take the money and run. We get personally involved with our clients because in the end, this is a people driven business. It’s not about getting your money from that drives us, it’s helping you find the right connection to make your life complete.” Jason Breakey is the President of Premier Singles and Barrett Stone is the CEO. is part of the network. TulsaSingles is a division of Premiere Singles. For more information call 866-757-2449, or visit us on line at www. Jason Breakey 7181 S. Braden Ave. Tulsa, OK 74136 866-757-2449
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