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Old McDonald sold the farm: IOUSA
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Old McDonald sold the farm: IOUSA

Date Added: February 16, 2009 02:03:10 AM
Author: Doug Wilson
Category: Society

If you haven't watched the movie I.O.U.S.A. you won't know what I'm talking about. I have the screener on site so you can at least get the idea. The movie decries the disastrous state of the U.S. economy. In all they say, their absolutely right. The problem is in all they don't say. In this they're lying through their teeth. I could write an entire article on how we have been manipulated into thinking that calling a liar a liar is somehow a moral failing. Wow...what a show we've been involved in. In order to convince an entire population that not telling the truth is not lying? The liars have to make us believe that there is more than one truth. This isn't accomplished overnight. The fact is it's been going on for centuries and the system has been perfected. We have been taken from the world that exists, that we see before our eyes, and made to see something else. People look at things and see what they want. (maybe what they want is not accurate) It's more like, see what they're told to see. or made to see. The way this is done is by creating a population of addicts. If you tell a drug addict that "all the drugs are likely to become inaccessible because the dealers got busted" what does the drug addict do? He instantly starts thinking about where the drugs will come from. He knows that there will be drugs. He wants there to be drugs. It's just a matter of learning how the new delivery system will work. After all, the deliverers of the drugs really want the drugs to be available so there is just an adjustment period to endure and then things will work themselves out. Never does it cross his mind that he may have to stop. This is what's going on with the U.S. today. We are addicted to stuff. Thing addicts. It's not hard to turn a nation into addicts. You do it by using the natural desire of every human to be happy. That's really all anyone wants. No person exists on this earth that does not share this common goal. The obvious question is, "If this is true, why aren't we all happy?". That's where the master plan comes into play. I call it the master plan because it is the plan used by the "masters of your destiny". I do not exaggerate. At this moment the destiny of the earth and it's people are controlled by a few elite planners. Like any real scientific hypothesis, what I just said is disprovable. Not that it will be, but it's not in the ridiculous unprovable ideas class. Nonsensical ideas that lately seem to be coming at us at, nothing less than, a torrential rate. So prove me wrong and I'll write you an IOU payable in fiat reserve notes. Don't act like you won't take it. That's all the world economy is doing - every waking minute. This is what the people at the IOUSA foundation are lying about. One of the most incredible points we're asked to accept is that, in order to recover, we need to save. Save what? We have a monetary system that's based on debt. It's not real. What is the current value of the dollar? It's on a, damn near vertical, incline skyrocketing towards zero. Even that is a lie. The only way to stop it from being zero is through manipulating the amount of currency in the national/world economy. So saving a worthless, fabricated, imaginary dollar will save us? That's one of the stupidest lies I've ever heard. All these guys that are involved in this video, and the website they have, are far from stupid. Well I take that back since there whole lives have been spent in the corporate capitalist fairytale and they are just as addicted as the rest of us. But they know the score where the fractional reserve scam is concerned and none of them mentions it. So they're lying. The "Obama group" is lying. Yes, I said it. That messiah figure giving sermons from the mount is lying through his teeth. Has he mentioned any of this? Has he said, "Well the truth is people if we don't get rid of the cartels that run this country we can just expect more of the same. And there isn't one single thing I can do about it...". No? Well then he's lying. There are only two alternatives here. One is you're aware of things and you're lying. Two you don't know what's going on so you're stupid. Maybe I should say ignorant. Some ignorant, some stupid. I guess there is a third option. That is that it's to awful to look at and the brain made up an alternate reality. Is that possible? Yes it is. In fact that is what I see happening in about 50% of the people I hear talking. How is this possible? Because they're addicts. They too, are addicted to things. The very thought of losing their purchasing power sends them into an anxiety attack and the only way to make it stop is to somehow not see what's there. We don't want to see what's there because we won't get our fix. We don't care what it costs, if it's real, if it's sane, just keep the drugs moving. Give me my stuff. If you say to one of these addicts, because of our addiction to things people suffer and die. You'll hear, "Don't believe you, can't see it...where's my stuff?" If we keep doing what we're doing, as is suggested in the IOUSA's road show, we won't own one single thing. Not even land to live on. The only thing real about the federal reserve system is they've gotten laws on the books that say if anyone defaults on a loan the Government will own what you were buying. But the government is the furthest in debt. Who will really collect on the debt? The cartel that feed the governments habit. Congress is a strung out junkie. Doesn't matter that the fed, or the IRS for that matter, is an unconstitutional organization. You agreed to it, and you will lose it. Here's the big game over part. It is physically impossible for a fractional reserve system to create ownership in the populace that it controls. That is the whole idea. Take control of the countries money and drive the citizenry to it's knees. Not just to the poor house, that just means you're poor. In the end it can only create penniless indentured slaves. The good news is, it won't work. It won't work because it's a foul plan. The plan is foul because it came from fouled up brains. Brains just like ours. Brains of people who just want to be happy. It won't work because these brilliant money lenders forgot something. The only way to maintain control over the addicted masses is to keep delivering the drug. The glitch in their plan is, in the end there is no remove the drug. See the problem? Now what are they going to use to keep them calm? The bait is gone from the game - and it's over. Do they plan to lock us up? Do they think we will continue to serve them without reward? Why? The whole thing is working, only, because of our misinformed ideas about happiness. What's going to happen when billions of people decide that they would be happier without masters. Plus the lies about obeying the laws will be passe. Hey, we tried that. So it will be a billion man lynch mob. There won't be any food to feed the corporate armies because there will be no willing slaves to grow food and get it to market. Bottom line is that in the end we are in control of our destinies. If and when we choose to accept responsibility for our own happiness. Not our lives. Don't interpret. That's another form of lying. I said our happiness and I meant our happiness. We can discard the multitude of "You'll be happy if" stories whenever we've had enough. Whenever we get fed up with being bossed around. When we get tired of being told what to do, and what we should feel, and what's best for us, we can simply quit. It doesn't have to turn in to an apocalyptic, end of the world, movie. It can. It will, if we keep doing what we're doing. But it doesn't have to. Like Nancy said, "Just say No". Or probably more like,"What Nancy was told to say...".
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