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What Do You Know About Super Fast E-mail List Builder
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What Do You Know About Super Fast E-mail List Builder

Date Added: February 28, 2009 02:22:09 PM
Author: banu420
Category: Business: Accounting

Got an E-mail list? Every says you must have one to succeed with an on-line business. If you’re new to the world of making money on-line then you probably won’t have one. Don't worry I’ll show you how to get your message to thousands of people with just a few minutes of set up. For more details The best thing about Viral List Builder is that it does not cost anything. There is a great site called LIST JOE. When you sign up with this Viral List Builder site they will give you loads of credits to start you off for nothing. To send an E-mail it costs you 1 credit. You get credits at Viral List Builder for reading E-mails and you spend credits by sending E-mails. GETTING CREDITS After signing up at the Viral List Builder you will get a lot of credits to start you off so you can start an E-mail campaign and see how effective it is.. (It really is amazing how good these things are). After that you will start to receive E-mails from other members (best to get yourself a new E-mail address just for Viral List Builder). When you get an E-mail look for where it says "Click this link to earn credits". After clicking the link you will be taken to the other Viral List Builder page. At the top right you will how many points you already have. And in the middle you will see how many points you will earn for reading the E-mail and below that it tells you how many seconds you have to stay on the page to earn your Viral List Builder credits you get a lot more credits for reading E-mails than it cost to send them. CREDITS FOR REFERRALS Another great way to earn credits is by referring people to Viral List Builder. You get credits every time one of your referrals earns credits at the viral list builder. They don't get less credits because you get some the viral list builder gives you extra credits and your referral gets the same as normal. For more details You also make money off your referrals. So you can soon have an army of Viral List Builder all working to make you credits and you don't have to do a thing even if you get just 5 people to sign up that could make you a lot of credits.
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