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Is swimwear starting to a become popular fashion
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Is swimwear starting to a become popular fashion

Date Added: July 17, 2009 07:29:08 PM
Author: magnusboris
Category: Recreations

Swimwear is clothing worn while swimming or visiting the beach or a pool. As more and more men and women visited public beaches and swimming pools to swim, relax, and play recreational water sports nowadays, issues about swimwear arose regarding popular fashion, functionality, and modesty. Back then women’s swimwear design was in the form of bulky suits with pant and skirt combinations were replaced by loose, one-piece suits that fit snugly against the body. They featured short skirts that covered the frontal area like aprons. Men's suits were bulky two-piece cotton or woolen garments with vests that covered most of the chest, torso, and legs down to the shins or ankles. Many featured skirt-like coverings. In 1916s swimwear starting to become popular as a form of fashion. The first annual "Bathing Suit Day" which was held at Madison Square Garden in New York City add more popularity to it. New styles of swimwear were modeled in that show. For the first time, men's and women's swimwear was viewed as sporty, trendy, and even sexually appealing. At that time aprons began to disappear on fashionable suits. Still, regulations on many public beaches required men and women to wear lightweight un-tucked tops and skirts or skirt-like covers over the fitted shorts. In the 1920s the short apron skirt disappeared, as did stockings for females. Men's and women's swimsuits actually resembled each other. Both covered the torso and were sleeveless and formfitting. Early in the decade, women wore one-or two-piece knit suits with vest-shaped tops, scooped necks, and shoulder straps, called maillot style. Later, a more conservative one-piece California suit with a sleeveless top and skirt was fashionable. Along with the changes in fit, swimwear began to feature bold designs and colors. Instead of the dark black or blue suits of the past, swimwear began to be made in bright colors. Art deco, a type of modern art, also began influencing swimwear styles, and novelty suits with sleek art deco animal adornments became popular. Padilla sports, in Bali Indonesia, began manufacturing men and women swimwear and other sportswear products in 1993. Padilla is bringing the perception of "the suit that changed bathing into swimming" and it reflects its recreational appeal. Karina Dewi works as a Marketing Manager in a sportswear company. She has been in this clothing business for more than 5 years. She has been interested in sport since she was young, particularly in swimming. She also did a lot of research on sportswear market, particulary swimwear, bikini, gym wear and surf wear.For more information please visit our web site
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