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YETI Coolers Keep Your Beer Colder, Longer
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YETI Coolers Keep Your Beer Colder, Longer

Date Added: July 18, 2009 09:56:52 PM
Author: Rodriguez
Category: Recreations

Drinking beer is one of the world’s favorite pastimes and is traditionally consumed for almost any occasion. Happy hours, camping trips, tailgating parties, ball games, weddings, or even after mowing the lawn, a cold beer will be there to refresh and inspire. But as global temperatures rise to record highs, a warm beer epidemic is spreading rapidly across the globe, leaving millions of thirsts unquenched and unsatisfied. It is absolutely crucial that better solutions are found to keep beers colder, for longer periods of time, or thirsts everywhere may never fully recover. When beer isn’t being actively consumed, it belongs in a refrigerator in front of the purple stuff, or chillin’ and relaxin’ among its brethren in an ice chest. As Global Warming rears its Gore-ish head, refrigerators remain consistent and climate controlled , but ice chests everywhere haven’t acclimated and adapted to the intensified UV abuse of the sun. Unfortunately, not all ice chests are created equal. Some are made from basic styrofoam or cheap plastic and built to only fulfill the basic requirements of the casual user. In fact, the majority of the ice chests on the market leave much to be desired for anyone looking for a chest that does what it is supposed to do best: maximize the retention of ice. In these tropical times, there is only one ice chest that meets the global needs of the active, beer drinker and keeps cool under the pressure of rising temperatures. YETI Coolers, a premier manufacturer of camping and marine coolers, are among the best insulated coolers legally available on the market. YETI Coolers have a full two inches or more polyurethane insulation in the walls and lid at most sizes. They also sport a freezer-quality seal gasket and one-piece construction that gives them industry-leading ice retention. YETI has designed the optimal ice cooler for any road trip, tailgating party, or backyard barbecue, ensuring the maximum amount of ice retention possible. The Tundra Series, YETI’s next generation cooler, is made with two inches of insulation in the body and three inches in the lid, with a rotational-molded construction (just like a whitewater kayak) that makes them virtually indestructible. They employ freezer-style gaskets that help extend the refreshing qualities of beer by significantly boosting ice retention. These gaskets insure that the lid is properly secured, keeping the cold air in and the warm air out, allowing the ice do its job. Innovative features include heavy-duty T-Latches and self-stopping hinges that reinforce its overall super-durable design. A global epidemic of warm beer is spreading in the wake of climate change, affecting millions of people’s thirsts everywhere. Is the warm beer epidemic leaving your thirst unquenched and unsatisfied? There are solutions available that can help save it from Global Warming. Investing in a YETI Tundra Series Cooler will keep your beer colder for longer periods of time due to their innovative insulation, heavy-duty latching system and freezer-style gaskets. Ethan Luke. Coolers - Yeti Coolers are ultra-durable coolers that will last you years.
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