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Attracting Attention With Banner Stands
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Attracting Attention With Banner Stands

Date Added: July 20, 2009 02:52:50 PM
Author: vijay
Category: Business: Accounting

If your business includes exhibiting your products or services at trade shows or other places, chances are you're not always getting what you paid for. In this article I'll explain how inexpensive banner stands can increase your effectiveness and get your message across for less. I used to work for a publishing company and we went to the major trade shows in our industry several times a year. Trade show attendance was mandatory for us even though travel and lodging for several staff, shipping product, and renting the exhibit space represented a major expense. We invested in a moderate-sized exhibit that was transportable and worked quite well, but we always felt sort of invisible. I quickly realized it was because we did not have banner stand displays with our company message. Displaying product is not enough. At trade shows, like almost everywhere else, a picture is worth a thousand words. And to display pictures and images, you need trade show banners so people can see you from afar and know what you offer. A few well-chosen display stands get the message across. It's as simple as that. So let me give you the banner display basics. First of all, don't think displays are bulky and hard to ship. Today's banner stands neatly stow away because even high-quality printed vinyl banners simply roll up for easy transportation. Free standing retractable banner stands are ideal for hospitality suites, providing direction in a hotel lobby or recruiting for a cause or event. They quickly stow away in nylon or cloth bags. Other models are double-sided and ideal for larger show floors. Others are small enough to fit on table tops. Some have multiple panels for extra impact. Banner stands come in different sizes from very inexpensive miniature panels to eye-catching setups that are almost eight feet tall. Companies offering banner displays usually sell the stands only or stands with graphics printed on long-lasting vinyl. Unless you have a large inhouse graphics department, having the banner display company print the graphics on their large format inkjet printers makes the most sense and is also most cost-effective. Once you've found a vendor for your exhibit stands, make sure you submit your graphics and pictures in an acceptable image format and include a color proof so that there won't be any unpleasant surprises. That may sound like simple advice, but it is all too easy to have misunderstandings. What should your banners show? That depends entirely on the message and image you want to get across. Definitely include your company logo and slogan. Customers and trade show visitors need to know right away what you're about. Stay away from lots of small text and confusing graphics. The key to being noticed is elegant simplicity. Banner displays convey information about your product and service, but they also reflect on your company and image. Where should you use banner stands? The first thing to realize is that they are not just for trade shows anymore. Today's displays are handy and inexpensive enough to be used at meetings, company events, retail locations, church gatherings, points of purchase, formal affairs, galleries, sporting events and more. They are a cost-effective way to convey information and get you noticed. So don't disappear in the crowd. Get noticed.
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