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Make Money Online with Ad Networks
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Make Money Online with Ad Networks

Date Added: July 31, 2009 05:21:57 PM
Author: corwinclive
Category: News

There are 3 basic ways to make money with ad works for online advertising. They are commonly known by their acronyms: 1. CPM – with CPM, you make money online by impressions. You are paid when an ad is shown on your site. CPM stand for Cost Per Thousand (“M” is 1,000 in Greek Numerology) 2. CPC – with CPC, you make money online with user clicks. You are paid when someone clicks on an ad on your site. 3. CPA - with CPA, you make money online when a user takes a predetermined action. You are paid when the visitor does something -- for example, filling out a form or buying a product or service online. To make money online you need to know the advertising networks. Below is a good list of the major advertising networks to help you get a fast start: 24/7 Real Media 24/7 Real Media offers standard graphic ad units to make money online with CPM and CPC campaigns. The account managers are really responsive, but their interface is terrible. Going through the advertisers and checking your income is a really complicated and slow process. Ad Pepper Ad Pepper can help you make money online by providing exclusive or non-exclusive representation for your site’s ad inventory. They offer several types of CPM ads including graphic, contextual, and integrated text links. AdBrite AdBrite offers CPC, CPA, and CPM in a variety of formats including text ads, inline ads, banners, video, full page ads, ads in photos to help you make money online. They have a nice feature that let’s you set your own price point for how much you want to sell your ad space for. You can also default to other ad network if AdBrite can't supply an advertiser at your preset asking price. AdDynamyx AdDynamyx lets you make money online with CPM and CPC graphic ads featuring Fortune 500 Advertisers. They serve standard ad units as well including a choice of pop-unders and floating ads. AdEngage AdEngage has a way to let you make money online by showing targeted text ads (they also now have PhoText Ads which include a small image with the text). They’ll sell ads on your site as a weekly sponsorship package with your ad space priced by the week. You set your own rate, which is cool, but advertisers can see your stats, which let’s them evaluate your cost per click anyway. If your inventory isn't purchased, CPC ads will be displayed. Adfish Adfish is a small affiliate network and only offers CPA ads. They don't have a vast number of advertisers, so it's a good place for a beginner to get their feet wet and learn the basics of affiliate marketing. You can make money online here, but more of a starter relationship perhaps. Adknowledge Adknowledge offers targeted CPC graphic and text ads, as well as email and search campaigns to make money online. They use behavioral targeting to serve the most relevant ads, and claim to have more than 50,000 advertisers looking for ad space. AdOn Network AdOn Network offers CPM (don’t know why, but they call it CPV “cost per view” for some reason) text and graphic ads. Before you can make money online with AdOn Network, you’ll have to send them an email and a representative will contact you. Seems odd in this Internet age but none the less, you can't sign up online. ADSDAQ ADSDAQ let’s you make money online by running text and graphical CPM ads where you to set your own CPM rate. They also use performance stats to serve the highest performing ads first, which benefits both the advertiser and publisher. To be continued - stay tuned for more on this series as we explore various ad networks to make money online. To help each and every one of our visitors improve their quality of life by earning Money, we are providing simple tips to make money online with our make money solutions. For More details visit my website
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