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Caravan parks UK are different to caravan sites in France?
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Caravan parks UK are different to caravan sites in France?

Date Added: August 07, 2009 10:59:00 AM
Author: collinbud
Category: Recreations

‘Of course they are’ I hear you say, they are entirely different countries!!! Very true but if I had a pound for every time I heard ‘the caravan sites we visited wasn’t nearly as a good standard to caravan parks in the UK’ I bet your thinking well that’s obvious, maybe to you but to many its not so obvious in fact their so shocked people have not returned to caravan sites in France. Well what’s the difference? Well that just depends what type of caravan camping sites you visit doesn’t it!!! Caravan Parks in the UK I say are some of the best in the world, the large caravan parks a kept to a very high standard both cleanliness and amenities. Some of the bigger caravan parks in the UK also have static caravans on them so these tend to charge a little more in my opinion and obviously have the best amenities to offer. The small caravan sites, well are generally just on farms around Britain and have just the basics, water, chemical disposal point and bins, most have electric but still some do not. The slightly bigger caravan sites have all of the above and may have the advantages of toilet and shower blocks but obviously charge a slightly higher nightly pitch rate. All the above have their pros and cons and to me only the caravanner can decide which is best for them, I could rant all day long saying why you should go to x caravan site but that would just be my own likes, so make your own mind up. Now for the caravan sites in France, to me they are nearly the same in ways of setup. The bigger sites also house Static’s caravans, chalets and touring and tenting pitches, so I suppose they should be more aptly named caravan camping sites. However, the amenities are very good and I have found they offer everything the caravan parks in the UK offer. The big caravan sites in France I find are busier that the English counterparts. The smaller ones however seem to be a little bit different. If you go for an English owned caravan site they are generally the same as the small caravan parks in UK, they are generally looked after and are in good working order. The French owned caravan sites however can be a bit dodgy and I know this from personal experience, dirty toilets, shower blocks smelly disposal points and badly kept grass and some are extremely un-level as well. I state not all are like this but I would say expect the amenities to be of a lower level of that you would find in caravan site in the UK or an English owned caravan site in France. Hopefully you have enjoyed this read and don’t forget if you have any caravan site experiences you would like to share whether it be on a caravan site in France or a Caravan Park in the UK or generally any caravan camping site around Europe please submit them at Written by collin: To find out more information on caravan sites, caravan parks, caravan campaign sites and caravan sites UK, please visit our website at
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