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Achieving effective finish on parts
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Achieving effective finish on parts

Date Added: August 10, 2009 12:32:40 PM
Author: steverojer
Category: Business: Manufacturers

Finishing is a process used to describe the altering of the appearance of a part by smoothing, polishing, deburring and/ or cleaning. The process consists of placing together the parts to be finished along with finishing media and finishing compounds into a finishing machine. When the machine starts to run, the media and the parts rub against each other assisted by the finishing compounds - which lead to the polishing and smoothing effect. Finishing is often referred to as a tumbling process. Finishing compounds help to provide a medium where the finishing process can happen effectively. They improve the efficiency of the finishing media being used. The finishing compounds are typically found in three forms – the liquid form, the powdered form and the cream form. They are made from ingredients in different proportions that lend them a distinct acidic, alkaline or pH balanced property. Based on the finishing requirement at hand, any one type of finishing compound can be chosen. For example, to increase the cutting speed in the finishing process or to increase bleaching effect, an acidic compound can be chosen. Finishing compounds are used to achieve different functions like raising the foam level or lubrication in the finishing machine which will in turn produce a polish and also help in gentle tumbling of delicate components. They also aid in improving the grinding effect which provides better deburring and smoothing. The finishing compounds are ideal for degreasing and cleaning operations because they posses the properties that help in emulsifying and suspending dirt and grime. They are effective scale removers and are good for cleaning of heavy grime. Finishing compounds enhance the finished part appearance by proving extra sheen and polish. They also have a very useful function of imparting anti rust and anti corrosion properties on metallic parts which keeps the parts safe for a long time. Plastic deburring media or tumbling stone is an artificial finishing media which comes in the form of preformed shapes in various sizes. They also come with a different degree of abrasive content to suit different needs. They typically find use where soft abrasive finishing is needed. They are light weight and hence can be used with fragile parts without any risk of damage to the parts. Plastic deburring media provide a smooth finish though without much shine. They are ideal for general purpose deburring, pre-painted finishing and heavy, fast cutting of parts. They are best suited to work on soft metals like brass and aluminium. Plastic media are safe on parts having threads as they leave the threads undamaged and they can be used to pre-finish parts that are to be anodized. The plastic deburring media come in shapes like cones, pyramids, wedges, triangles, tristars etc. Each shape can serve a specific finishing requirement. Triangles, for instance, work well on corners and flat surfaces; cones are suitable for parts with holes. To achieve finishing on parts that have complex geometry, a combination of different shaped plastic deburring media can help. Grav Co LLC continues to manufacture the finest deburring machines and supplies in the marketplace. We still build vibratory finishing, disc finishing, high speed and low speed barrel finishing, and spin finishing equipment in our Sturgis, Michigan plants. We also manufacture vibratory finishing media, treated cob meal and various liquid and powder compounds, and have a very good line of ceramic media.For further details visit our website:
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